Thursday last week, a cold but sunny day, we loaded and sent off an imogo F-max machine to our new customer in Turkey.

The F-Max application unit is a closed chamber where the finishing chemistry is applied by high performance spray valves.

The spray cassettes consist of precision nozzles for accurate and consistent coverage in combination with the patented imogo pro speed valve that controls the volume applied. The chamber is equipped with an exhaust system and filtration system to ensure that the environment around the unit is free from sprayed particles.

The F-Max will generate savings in multiple fields, most important are:
Chemistry, energy, and waste

Just as important are the substantial productivity improvements that can be achieved, these consist of:
Increased production speed, shorter change-over times and an increased consistency and quality.

We are very excited to ship off this first machine to Turkey, a market that has a great potential for us, says imogo CCO – Carl-Fredrik Sundström.

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