Winners, Encouragement for action 2023!

Established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District, Encouragement for Action is an award aimed to promote sustainable development within the fashion industry.

Winner of Fashion Innovation: Imogo
Motivation: The use and purification of water during dyeing is one of the biggest and most central problems to solve in order to achieve a sustainable textile and fashion industry. The winner of Fashion Innovation offers techniques to efficiently reduce this problem on both large and small scales. Their flexible techniques make it possible to manufacture small volumes, which are more cost-effective and sustainable. Implementing this innovation benefits not only the environment, but also improves profitability and productivity through the significant reduction of waste-water volumes, greatly reduced energy and chemical consumption, increased production speed, and consistent and predictable quality. This company sets a good example for other innovators.

” On behalf of the entire crew at Imogo, thank you for this award!

As a little player on a big field, being recognized and rewarded like this makes a hugh difference for us.

We all know that things need to change in our area of textile and fashion. Not only to meet the tough but fair demands, but most importantly to garantuee a better furture for generations to come.

None of us can do it all, but we can all do something as every drop counts, and together we can make big things happen.

Our focus is to make substantial reductions of water, garantuee major savings on chemicals and to heavily reduce the energy needed in the process. All of this to make sure that the bottom line result presents a sustaianble way forward.

Once again, thank you!

//Joacim Wellander – Founding Partner

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