The imogo B-Max is designed for continues bleaching of cellulosic fabrics. The B-Max is available both for knitted and woven fabrics. The B-Max incorporates the same revolutionary spray technology as the Dye-Max but now configured for the purpose of bleaching. The precise application of bleaching chemistry gives a predictable and consistent bleaching result using a minimum of resources. The contactless spray application efficiently avoids contamination or dilution of the bleach.
Together with our partners for efficient squaring and drying the B-Max will provide the most sustainable bleaching on the market.

B-Max will generate savings in multiple fields. Most important are:

  • Chemistry
  • Water
  • Waste

As with our other products the B-Max can be combined with the Mini-Max, where recipes and application volumes can be tested and optimized offline. This provides opportunity to maximize production up-time and avoid quality problems.

Max fabric width

1800, 2200 & 2600mm

Process speed

5-50 m/min

Volume adjustment

Automatic based on machine speed

Application unit

The B-Max application unit is a closed chamber where the bleaching chemistry is applied by high preformance spray valves.

The spray casettes consists of precision nozzles for accuracte and consistent coverage in combination with the patented imogo pro speed valve that controls the volume applied. The chamber is equipped with an exhaust system and droplet separator to ensure that the environment around the unit is free from sprayed particles.

Spray casettes

The spray casettes are a key part in the B-Max and different configurations are available. The casettes are easily exchanged without the need for tools. The exchange is done in less than a minute. The efficient supply feed line and nozzle cleaning function enables quick change overs.


Zchwimer & Schwarz and imogo are combineing their know-how and expertise to offer an innovative solution for textile bleaching. Download the brochure and read more.



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